Stuart Calvin (MFA Belfast 2016): The earthly and the uncharted. Opens: Thursday, Jan 25, 5.30 – 7.30pm. UU Gallery.

Start Calvin: The earthly and the uncharted. Ulster University Art Gallery 

The Ulster University Art Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming sculptural exhibition, Stuart Calvin: ‘The earthly and the uncharted’. Born in Belfast 1974, Stuart Calvin graduated from the University of Ulster in 2011 with a BA Hons in Fine and Applied Art and in 2016, a Masters degree in Fine Art.


Stuart Calvin, ‘The Crossing’’ Digital print 2017

Calvin’s installation and sculptural work draws on familiar symbolism from various religions and belief systems. His work explores incorporeal worlds, supernatural experiences and the human propensity to venerate and fetishize objects. Throughout Calvin’s work, references to New Age ideologies, superstitions and theories of consciousness are ever present. The work proposes a type of modem mysticism, forming connections between the visible and invisible, the physical and metaphysical.

In an essay accompanying the exhibition, David Haughey observes: “At first sight, the sculptural positive maintains the illusion of our everyday orientation. It is in the photographic image that we discover our polarities have been inverted – what at first seems naturally concave, is shown to be a convex inversion. In the echo, this ‘Droste’ between sculpture and image, we find ourselves within the underside, the subconscious, asleep. In this room, the blue parabola evident in the photograph and mirrored in wax takes the form of the alchemical crucible, the Hermetic vessel, the container where matter is mixed and formed. Exposed to heat the blue wax in front of us would alter from solid to liquid, similarly, the language of materials in this space augment and adumbrate the murmurings flowing beneath the surface”.


Born in Belfast 1974, Stuart Calvin graduated from the University of Ulster in 2011 with a BA Hons in Fine and Applied Art and in 2016, a Masters degree in Fine Art.  He has recently been awarded The Royal Society of British Sculptors Bursary. The Award is given to early career artists judged to be of outstanding talent by the RBS. Calvin was the first recipient of the Annual Gerard Dillon Award and Solo Show, selected by the Arts committee of Culturlann Belfast. He received the University of Ulster Dean’s list award and bursary 2009 for excellence and achievement. Calvin has also received several awards from the Northern Ireland Arts Council and ADF Ireland and has recently completed the Career Enhancement Programme, funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Stuart Calvin: The earthly and the uncharted  
January 25, 2018 – February 24, 2018
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 25, 5.30 – 7.30pm

To see the full Arts & Culture programme please visit UU Gallery website



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