Mohammed Sami: Artist Talks Thursday 14th Feb 1pm. Conor Lecture Theatre. Belfast School of Art. All Welcome!

Mohammed Sami
Artist Talks
Thursday Feb 14th 1pm.
Conor Lecture Theatre.
Belfast School of Art.
All Welcome!


Les Miserables, Acrylic on Canvas, M. Sami 2018

Mohammed Sami utilises Painting as a means to trace the anecdotes of personal memory. He believes that the medium of painting has the capacity to record lived processes, searching inaccessible memories which one cannot rid oneself of.

Sami’s painted subject matter ranges from the symbolic to the everyday and historical moments. The objects he paints, underline the absence which is indexical to an existential connection beside the physical aspect. Sami’s works invites the viewer to analyse from cognitive psychological perspectives.
Mohammed Sami was born in Baghdad, Iraq, 1984. He studied drawing and painting at the Institute of Fine Art, Iraq, Baghdad, 2005. He immigrated to Sweden in 2007. In 2015, he received a Bachelor with honour degree from Ulster University-Belfast School of Art, Northern Ireland. He had recently completed a Master of fine art at Goldsmiths College, London, 2018. Sami has had five solo exhibitions and many participations, some of the most recent: 2018  Bloomberg New Contemporaries, following by Liverpool Biennial and South London Gallery and The sea is Limited, York Museum, York, UK.

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