Between Things. Catalyst Arts. Opens 28th Aug. 2018. Great to see current MFA’er Johanna Nulty in this show.

Catalyst Arts presents:
Catalyst Arts Student and Recent Graduate Show 2018


Harry Walsh Foreman | Min-young Kim | Johanna Nulty | Marijn Ottenhof

Opening: Tuesday 28th August, 6 – 9 pm
6:30 pm: Exhibition Tour led by participating artists and Catalyst Co-directors
Performance by Marijn Ottenhof

Tuesday, 28th of August – Thursday, 6th of September

BETWEEN THINGS builds on Catalyst’s reputation for showcasing the very best of work from UK and Ireland based recent graduates and final year students within this annual exhibition. Catalyst are delighted to be offering critical support and exposure at a formative stage in the artists’ development.


Harry Walsh Foreman was born in Dublin where for the most part he has been based since either making art, teaching art or sometimes both. Having recently graduated from the MFA in Fine Art Paint in the National College of Art & Design (NCAD) in Dublin, he has exhibited extensively through Ireland in numerous group shows where he has honed his particular approach which celebrates the human and the marks we make on the world from the architecture of a skyline to the tagging on a storefront. It is made in celebration of the local, the small-scale, the eccentric and the down-right ordinary. It is a search for the moments which contain a multitude of possibilities for examining the humour of the everyday.

Employing a various form of digital media, from CGI to game simulation, the work of Korean artist Min-young Kim reflects and discusses our relationship (and dependence) on digital technology and screen-based platforms and the use and deployment of software technologies within the realm of the social and biomedicine. Technical skills and scientific metaphors used in her work are therefore highly anchored in contemporary technosphere whereby smart devices, tracking-capturing systems and algorithmic computer processing alter our perception of the natural or the humanistic. Min-young Kim graduated with a MA in Contemporary Art Practices from the Royal College of Art, London in 2018 and with a BFA in Fashion Design from Ewha Womans University, South Korea in 2010.

Johanna Nulty is a visual artist based in Belfast. She studied Fine Art BA in Sligo Institute and is currently completing her MFA at Ulster University. The main components in Nulty’s practice are sculpture, video and installation. Nulty is interested in exploring sound from mass produced materials. Amalgamating the different sounds, creating visual and audio videos. Interested in ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) which is a term used for an experience characterised by static like or tingling sensation on the skin and how it affects the viewer physically and emotionally. Nulty is more interested in the materials themselves, the sound they make, how to capture it and the idea of materials creating a rhythm or pattern sound. She is also interested by the idea of ‘chance’, things that happen not so intended or forced but still having a structure to compose. Chance actions differ from erroneously carried out actions only in that they disdain the support of a conscious intention and really need no pretext. Creating sounds from the materials used, unaware of the effect such simple actions would present or allow.

In her work, Marijn Ottenhof investigates social and political systems and the human need for rules and logic. In staged situations, language and sculptural elements are used to draw audiences into performative moments. Existing texts are integrated into scripts and by the removal from their original context, are rendered more abstract and poetical. In the same way, surreal decors form an abstraction of known situations as a backdrop. Ottenhof studied at the Royal College of Art in The Hague and is now based in London, where she is currently enrolled in an MA at the Royal College of Art.

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MFA Fine Art Awards 2018 !!! Super-well done folks!!


Joey O’Gorman MFA show – detail 2018

Joey O’Gorman – Digital Residency Award 2018
Joey O’Gorman – AMINI Graduate Award 2018 2018
Joey O’Gorman – Platform Arts Arts Graduate Award 2018
Dan Ferguson – Artisann Graduate Award 2018 
Tara McGinn – Alice Berger Hammerschlag Award 2018
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MFA Fine Art Show Opens this Friday 8th June 2018!!!

MFA Fine Art, Belfast Show Opens this Friday 8th June 2018 
Belfast School of Art.
Block BB Level 05 – Studios 11 (BB-05-011)



Naomi Litvack, MFA show – detail 2018



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Honeymoon Period. MFA Fine Art 1st Year show at Platform Arts, Belfast. Opens 10th May 6-9pm 2018.


Honeymoon Period.
MFA 1st Year show at Platform Arts, Belfast. 2018
Opens 10th May 6-9pm.

11th – 26th May.

First year MFA students mark the halfway point of their crossing, with a celebration of their self-deprecating desire for an exhibition. The Honeymoon Period is the result of brutal repetition and routine as they amalgamate into a liquid landscape at Platform Arts. A space for anthem singing, rug waving and folky surrealism, dividing the valid from validation.  Patterns of monochrome through cultural collage and textured science fiction emanate the effect of the pre-final year phase and all its yumminess.

Featured artists are Erin Healey, Nathan Walker, Ronan Smyth, Jennifer Mehigan, Tara McGinn, Aisling McGibbon, Caoimhe Diamond, Petra Dominova, Saskia Lassman, Leila Ghandi, Stephen Conlon, Johanna Nulty, Vasiliki Stasinaski, Jessica Snoddy, Rosemary McMillen.


The MFA Fine Art in Belfast was established in 1979 and the course’s vision today remains as radical and relevant as it was then – in providing a multidisciplinary art education experience that asserts plurality, relevancy, criticality and quality in today’s contemporary art world.

More info Platform Arts:



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Lindsay Seers. Artist Talks. Thursday 3rd May 1pm. Conor Lecture Theatre. Belfast School of Art. All Welcome!

Lindsay Seers
Artist Talks

Thursday 3rd May April 1pm.
Conor Lecture Theatre.
Belfast School of Art.
All Welcome!

W_12_ Lindsay Seers - Mock-up for Every thought there ever was


Lindsay Seers lives and works in London and Sheerness-on-Sea. She studied Slade School of Fine Art and Goldsmiths College, where she now works as a lecturer.

Every Thought There Ever Was, her exhibition at the MAC, is a moving-image installation staged in a constructed space, which draws on philosophical ideas and contemporary scientific findings. The work examines current and historical perceptions of conditions defined by extraordinary brain functioning in literature, philosophy and science.

Lindsay Seers’ works are in a number of public and private collections including Tate collection, Arts Council collection, Artangel collection and MONA, Tasmania. She has shown internationally in venues such as SMK (National Gallery of Denmark); MONA (Tasmania); Hayward Gallery (London); Tate Britain (London); Kiasma (Helsinki); Bonniers Konsthall, (Sweden) and Venice Biennale.

Lindsay Seers: Every Thought There Ever Was is on at the MAC from 3 May – 29 July 2018. This new commission, supported by the Welcome Trust, explores issues of mental health and particularly the condition of schizophrenia.

Lindsay Seers

in Partnership with the MAC’s Public Programmes.
This Lecture Programme is supported by the Development & Alumni Relations Office (Arts & Culture) Ulster University

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David Haughey. Artist Talks. Thursday 26th April 1pm. Conor Lecture Theatre. Belfast School of Art. All Welcome!

David Haughey
Artist Talks

Thursday 26th April 1pm.
Conor Lecture Theatre.
Belfast School of Art.
All Welcome!



David Haughey is an artist living and working in Belfast. He graduated

from Ulster University in 2001, BA (Hons) Fine Art and has shown

work in Venice, at La Casa Di Corto Maltese (2011), as well as the

Royal Ulster Academy Annual exhibition (2014), and at Void Gallery,

Derry, in an exhibition curated by Turner Prize winner Mark Wallinger

(2015). A solo exhibition titled “According to Our Historians A

Meteorite Fell Hissing” took place at The Ulster University Art Gallery

during January and February 2017. Utilising traditional image making

practices, photography, installation and digital media, with an interest

in the contemporary dissemination of historical narrative, his work has

been shown at numerous group and solo exhibitions. David will

commence research toward a PhD at The Belfast School of Art in

Autumn 2017.

This Lecture Programme is supported by the Development & Alumni Relations Office (Arts & Culture) Ulster University
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Sol Archer . Artist Talks. Thursday 19th April 1pm. Conor Lecture Theatre. Belfast School of Art. All Welcome!

Sol Archer
Artist Talks

Thursday 19th April 1pm.
Conor Lecture Theatre.
Belfast School of Art.
All Welcome!

Sol Archer

Sol Archer, born Hiroshima 1983, lives and works in Rotterdam and London.

Working primarily with moving image and installation, Sol creates co-extensive spaces through which the interactions of local stories and global meta-narratives reveal themselves through  the residues left in bodies, on land, and in language.  This is a practice of paying attention, of listening to the qualities of location, of conversations, of observation, and through the analysis and montaging of this, focussing on site as a intersecting bleld of narratives. In investigating the social, spatial, and aesthetic characteristics of these intersections the invisibility of systems, on what Timothy Morton would call a Hyperobject scale, may be attended to by their measurable grain, their impact on human spaces. Systems of trade, of Cold War technology, of the production of subject-hood through social and military training; ‘Hyperobjects’ are systemic entities so distributed through space and time that they exceed the capacity of imaging. Where there may be some possibility of understanding their nature, it is through their footprint, through the sites at which they interact with other objects.

Through the past year I have been considering Utopian writing, Science Fiction, and speculative architecture, as site, a geography of really-existing fictions. With a particular focus on Utopian writing, I have been comparing trends, functions, and structures, and considering Science-Fiction as a tool with which to both critique reality and experiment with alterity. To propose alternatives and test subjecthood under different power formations. With this research I have been collaborating with a group of teenagers in Rotterdam, together using game and improvisation structures to invent possible futures, and addressing the practices of play and imagination as tools of education and value production.

For more information, please visit:

This Lecture Programme is supported by the Development & Alumni Relations Office (Arts & Culture) Ulster University

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