CCA Graduate Awards – MFA Graduate David Younglove 1st July to 31st July 2022 (Charys Wilson later in 2022/3)

Verses. David Younglove. 2022

This year, CCA has presented two awards to graduating students from the University of Ulster’s Belfast School of Art MFA programme. We are delighted to announce that the 2022 Graduate Awardees are Charys Wilson and David Younglove. 

David Younglove begins his Project Space exhibition on 1 July 2022. His work will be viewable through the windows on Artillery Street. David’s exhibition will be on view until 31 July 2022, with Charys Wilson’s show taking place later in the year.

Alongside their exhibition in the Project Space, the graduates will both receive a mentoring session with CCA’s Director Catherine Hemelryk.

More info:

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MFA FINE ART Awards!!! 2022

It’s that time again where the awards are made by external organisations and interested parties to our graduating students.

In additional to our MFA awards, we work with local and national professional art organisations to establish and maintain graduate awards for our students. Thanks to everyone involved, these are wonderful partnerships that the course values immensely. These external awards are an excellent recognition of our students and offer fantastic support for the post-education phase of these emergent artists careers. It’s a really crucial boost to the students to be eligible to apply for or recieve these awards and they really benefit enormously from them.

This year are external award winners are:

Siobhan McQuade Memorial Painting Prize 2022
Pamela Greene

RDS Award Longlist 2022 (MFA selectees)
David Younglove
Charys Wilson
Krunal Gohil

Golden Thread MFA Mentoring and Exhibition Award 2022
Charys Wilson

ArtisAnn Gallery Award 2022
Irene Sweeney (+ Adam Skinner and Lauren Reynolds BA)

Void Gallery Fine Art Graduate Award 2022
Krunal Gohil

CCA Graduate Support Awards 2022
Charys Wilson
David Younglove

Platform Arts MFA Graduate Award2022
David Younglove

Alice Berger Hammerschlag Award2022
Zara Lyness – MFA Fine Art (+ Mahesh Shantaram – MFA Photography)

Engine Room Graduate Award 2022
And finally: the whole MFA 2022 cohort has been awarded a group exhibition at the Engine Room Gallery in 2022/23.

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XII – MFA FINE ART Graduation Show June 2022. Belfast School of Art Degree shows info


The show will open for a longer period from the Monday the 6th of June to Saturday the 18th of June. To ensure a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, numbers on campus will be limited so we have an eventbrite booking system where you can book one of the three hour visiting sessions:

Eventbrite booking

9.30am – 12.30pm
1.30pm – 4.30pm
5.30pm – 8.30pm

9.30am – 12.30pm
1.30pm – 4.30pm

We are especially excited to share the graduation exhibition of the MFA Fine Art with everyone.

There also is a digital showcase/archive on this site, if you can’t make it in person.
The MFA Fine Art digital archive of the 2022 show is available here:

MFA Fine Art
Established in 1979, the MFA at Belfast School of Art is a multi-disciplinary, studio based programme with a proven track record of supporting the radical, alongside more traditional or orthodox practices. Notable alumni have gone on to receive prestigious awards including: the Turner Prize, Bloomberg New Contemporary, the Paul Hamlyn, Derek Jarman and Nissan Art Awards.

The MFA course is integrated fully within the local, national and international art scene, offering students many opportunities to professionally connect and feed into that network. This environment makes Belfast a fantastic and viable place to further an emerging practice.

More info on the MFA Fine Art Belfast:

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‘Skull Drawings’ 2016-2022 (Duncan Ross public collaboration + DJ Stuart Watson, Jeff Doherty, Ryan Fitzsimmons and guests) at 2 Royal Avenue

Here are some photos of the exhibition of SKULL DRAWINGS – a long term regular interactive drawing event at the BlackBox initiated by inky artist Duncan Ross (who we have the privilege of his input to the MFA Fine Art programme).

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f[US]e. MFA 1st Year show at QSS, Belfast. Opens 12th May. Runs until 26th May. 2022

MFA Fine Art, Belfast 1st Year Show. 2022.
 f(US)e 15 components 15 artists.

The function of the switch is to regulate the current between the load and the source of power.
The function of the capacitor is to store energy.
The function of the battery is to supply energy.
The function of the diode is to allow energy to pass in one direction.
The function of the resistor is as a passive component, to limit the flow of current.
The function of the LED is to convert energy into light.
The function of the voltmeter is to measure voltage.
The function of an ammeter is to measure current.
The function of the thermistor is to change its resistance as temperature changes.
The function of the LDR is to detect and react to light. 
The function of the lamp is to glow brightly when current passes through it.
The function of the transistor is to amplify or switch signals and power.
The function of the buzzer is to provide an audio signal.
The function of the motor is to convert energy. 
The function of the transformer is to increase or reduce voltage.

Chloe Allaway                       Maria Horvathova               Tracy McCoey
Paul Cashin                           Christine Kernohan             Luke McClean
Eve Gordon                           Zara Lyness                          Elaine McGinn
June Hill                                Patrick Maguire                   Thomas McNeill
Anna Horvathova                 Anne McAlarney                 Pauline Talbot


                                     Only our forms endure. And stubborn words
                                     hover and adhere, attend to our passing
                                     like faithful retainers.

                                                                           Geddis, Gary. The Terracotta Army (Oberon: 1984).

Little words may have large meanings. The work in this exhibition, as with its title, has diverse connotations and multiple intentions. 

Cohesively combining work is a particular challenge for a group of students who, ultimately, are appraised individually. In embracing this difficulty, we have collectively curated our work, searching for cohesion. The work flowing, as in a circuit, becomes a functioning body of research in itself, as opposed to a collection of individual mini exhibitions; all components essential to the efficacy of the whole. 

The process, to learn, to develop as artists, to work together may or may not be evident or relevant for the viewer. Regardless of intention or meaning,  we have united, amalgamating and rendering our work around the title f(US)e, where explanation dissolves or is at least, rendered thin. As with a functioning electrical circuit, the combination of components allows various simple and complex operations to be performed. Thus thoughts, ideas and concepts, like electrons, can be moved, from one place to another, from one individual to another through paint, sculpture, photography etc. Here words are superfluous and yet not. Here we have the cell, here the battery, here the capacitor, the resistor, the transformer…The fuse (the making of art) within this context, permits experimentation. The mechanism as a sacrificial device, allows the work in this exhibition to stay provisional and speculative.
Anne McAlarney 2022.

Exhibition at: Queen Street Studios 2nd Floor, The Arches Centre11-13 Bloomfield AveBelfastBT5 5AA

MFA Fine Art
Established in 1979, the MFA at Belfast School of Art is a multi-disciplinary, studio based programme with a proven track record of supporting the radical, alongside more traditional or orthodox practices. Notable alumni have gone on to receive prestigious awards including: the Turner Prize, Bloomberg New Contemporary, the Paul Hamlyn, Derek Jarman and Nissan Art Awards.

The MFA course is integrated fully within the local, national and international art scene, offering students many opportunities to professionally connect and feed into that network. This environment makes Belfast a fantastic and viable place to further an emerging practice.

More info on the MFA Fine Art Belfast:

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ANOTHER DISTORTION – New solo exhibition by Drydan Wilson (MFA 2021). Sat 30April – 28th May.


Golden Thread Gallery Mentoring & Exhibition Award 2021

An exhibition by Golden Thread Gallery Mentoring & Exhibition Award winner Drydan Wilson (MFA 2021), focussing on the physical actions of skateboarding as a way of making art. The exhibition looks at the interaction between the practitioner and their environment, exploring the distortion of architecture and the subversion of its original purpose.

Artist Statement: Combining my artistic and skateboarding practices I am interested in challenging the boundaries of what a contemporary art practice can be and the possibility for it to critique social, capitalist, and regulatory structures. Using the subculture of skateboarding as a vehicle, my work examines how we negotiate space, the politics of space and the distortion created through the re-appropriation of landscapes and its architectures, and how it can create social awareness and even advocate for social change.

I have a multi-disciplinary approach, often using sculpture, installation, drawing, video, text and sound in the creation of my artworks. Most recently I have been developing interactive elements within my work, where, for example, walking on a piece of steel creates a distorted sound that is played back to you through speakers, transforming the viewer into participator/performer, while adding a playful element that heightens the experience in something as everyday as walking.

Drawing on my own experiences and conditioning of the skateboarding subculture, I use materials and forms that reflect skateboarding terrain, working processes that reflect the DIY culture within skating. I replicate camera angles from skate videos, incorporate skate terminology as text within the work, I hint toward advertising strategies used in magazines and use the skateboard itself as a material and tool.

Through isolating and combining various fragments of skating subculture, I aim to highlight the creative potential, artistic formalities, and affordances of materials to create artworks that evoke a new way of looking and thinking about space and its potential.”

About the Artist: Drydan Wilson is an artist making work based around his everyday activities and involvement in skateboarding and its subculture. Drydan graduated from Belfast School of Art, in BA Fine Art in 2016 and from MFA Fine Art in 2021. Drydan has worked and studied in Finland, been the recipient of various art awards and grants. He has worked alongside both local and international artists, produced public artwork and had work featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions, nationally and internationally.

re-post: Golden Thread Gallery Mentoring & Exhibition Award 2021

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We are delighted to announce that the recipient of the Golden Thread Gallery Mentoring & Exhibition Award 2021 is Drydan Wilson. The award is presented to an University of Ulster School of Art Graduate based on their MFA work and show. The winner of the award will receive mentoring and professional support over the next 12 months from GTG Director Peter Richards and Deputy Director Sarah McAvera.

Drydan’s artistic practice “examines how we negotiate space, exploring the politics of space through questions raised by skateboarding and similar subcultural practices. I am interested in the social distortion created through the re-appropriation of landscape and its architecture and how the positioning or use of the body in space can be used to critique social, capitalist and regulatory structures.”

Today is the final day to explore this year’s MFA Degree Show HERE/NOT HERE in person at Cityside Shopping Centre, or explore it online here.

Congratulations Drydan, we look forward to working with you.
Golden Thread Gallery

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BEHIND THE HILL, Susan Hughes, Oonagh McAteer and Emily Esdale (all xMFA 2021). Online exhibition launch and artist talks. Tuesday 12 April 2022, 2pm-3pm

Susan Hughes, Oonagh McAteer and Emily Esdale 
Online exhibition launch and artist talks
Tuesday 12 April 2022, 2pm-3pm

Oonagh McAteer (Down), Emily Esdale (Antrim) and Susan Hughes (Belfast) have a common taste for the strange and unnerving, the dark and the heart wrenching. `

During October 2021 to March 2022 the three artists made repeated independent visits to the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).  Each followed a different trail of intrigue whether that be a particular field, drowning or secret lover, and produced new artworks comprising site specific installation, photography and collage. 

Their work is accessible in 3 ways:

  1. Join the live Zoom launch, Tuesday 12 April 2022 2:00pm – 3:00pm for artist talksfollowed by a Q&A session. Book here:
  2. You can view their website (going live on Tuesday)
  3. You can contact the artists directly to organise a visit to the PRONI lobby to view a small exhibition of their work alongside items from the archive which informed theirwork.

The title of this exhibition is a place name which we spotted on a digital reproduction of an old Ordnance Survey map of the townland of Ballyboley where artist Emily Esdale now lives. After deciding on the title of the exhibition we proceeded to lose all trace of the map. We never found it again.

The photo of Cloughmore Rock which we have chosen as our exhibition image is overlooking Rostrevor, near to where Oonagh’s main protagonist resided during her pregnancy.

Image courtesy of the Deputy Keeper of the Records, Public Record Office. CatD2886/W/Portrait/17

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Blued Smoke. Exhibition Opening at Naughton Gallery 7th April 2022. Inc. Hannah Casey-Brogan (MFA 2014)


Hannah Casey-Brogan / Faith Couch / Aidan Koch / Poot Mendes

07.04.22 – 29.05.22

“Blue smoke climbin’ up the mountain, Blue smoke windin’ round the bend…”

Blue Smoke is an exhibition inspired by the early music of iconic country singer, Dolly Parton. Taking Parton’s music as its starting point, the exhibition showcases the work of four contemporary artists who explore the idea of landscape and home within their work, although often in unexpected or unconventional ways. The exhibition presents a variety of works which navigate a range of issues, from race and sexuality to life in lockdown, family, the California wildfires, and alien planets.

Parton was born on 19 January 1946 in the great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. This is a landscape of misty valleys, deep forests, bright meadows, lofty vistas, dark hollows, and abundant Appalachian flora and fauna.  Parton’s early music is particularly evocative of time and place, perhaps best exemplified in 1973’s My Tennessee Mountain Home, a concept album full of fond reminiscences of her natural surroundings (“I remember meadows and fields of golden wheat / I remember songbirds and sugarcane so sweet.”) and family life (“My mama and daddy must have loved each other / ‘Cause I had eleven sisters and brothers / And the girls worked just as hard as the boys did.”). Blue Smoke, in turn, sees this select group of artists consider their own relationship to their natural surroundings, whether that be rooted in nostalgia, engaged in the current cultural, social, and political moment, or totally reimagined.

Exhibition Opening Thursday 07 April, 5.30-8pm. 
Free admission. All welcome. 

Sierra’s Lake by Aidan Koch. 

More info:

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SWEPT. Susan Hughes (MFA 2021) Platform Graduate Award 2021. Opens 1st April 6-9pm Platform Gallery + River event Sat 2nd April.

One day there was a woman going along the road and she heard lovely music. The woman was wondering where the music was coming from and at last she noticed that the music came out of the fort. She went home and in a few weeks she got sick and died. People say so. She was ‘swept’.

Told by Micheál Ó’ Súilleabháin, Annascaul, Co. Kerry, to Dónall Ó Gormáain, 14/12/1920. 

Ref. The Otherworld: Music & Song from Irish Tradition, Ríonach uí Ógáin & Tom Sherlock (eds), Comhairle Bhéaloideas Éireann, 2012
You are cordially invited to my forthcoming solo exhibition of new print and audio art works:

Opening Friday 1st April
6pm – 9pm

Platform Gallery Connswater Shopping Centre,
17-18 Bloomfield Ave,
Belfast BT5 5LP

Refreshments provided. 

This graduate award exhibition continues until 29th April. 

Gallery will be open Wednesdays – Saturdays, 11am – 4pm. 

As an extension of this exhibition there will be an off-site musical performance:

Saturday 2nd April

Approx 2.30pm – 3.15pm

McConnell’s Weir, Ormeau Embankment 

Singer and fiddle player Helen Diamond will join me to perform a repertoire of fiddle tunes and songs associated with fairies on a curragh in the River Lagan. The audience are invited to listen from the embankment. Musicians are invited join us for the tunes. On departure from the shore Helen will sing for the crew of rowers. She will sing ‘Young Tambling,’ a very old song from the Scottish Borders describing terrifying manipulation by elves. Please note this performance is weather dependant.


  • There is plenty of car parking at the shopping centre and it’s easily accessible from the city centre by Glider or by bike.
  • The gallery is just on the right hand side on the ground floor of the shopping centre.

McConnell’s Weir 

  • Google maps co-ordinates: 54.58944998169331, -5.919641657988205
  • on Ormeau Embankment near the Gasworks & Shaftsbury Recreation Centre
  • You can park in Lower Ormeau and walk to McConnell’s Weir. 
  • You can access the embankment by foot or by bike from Ormeau Bridge, the Gasworks or Maysfield/Albert Bridge. 
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BIFPA 2022: Various venues, various events, Belfast, March 21st – 26th. 2022

Online lecture event:


This is an opportunity to meet and learn about the Closer Distancing project which is an ongoin collaboration and exchange between artists: Sinead O’Donnell (Belfast); Chumpon Apisuk; Mike Hornblow; Sutasinee Karnsomdee; and Padungsak Kochsomrong (Thailand). Learn about the artists’ processes, with each artist presenting their own experiences of how the project was and what they have learnt. This will be the first public presentation of the project to include all of the participants. 

Location:  University of Atypical, 109-113 Royal Ave, Belfast, with online attendance via Zoom link – Set up by Padungsak Kochsomrong Chang Mai University, Faculty of Fine Art.

Duration: 1 hour

Start Time: 10.00am, 24th March, 2022

Language: English

Open to all students.

PADUNGSAK KOCHSOMRONG is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 992 5777 4200

Passcode: 442100

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